The Organ


Harrison & Harrison 1932

Pedal organ choir organ swell organ great organ

Two balanced crescendo pedals to Choir and Swell.
Tree combination foot pistons to the Pedal Organ.
Reversible foot piston to Great to Pedal.
Reversible foot piston Trombone.
Four set combination pistons to the Great Organ.
Four set combination pistons to the Swell Organ.

Pedal 3 ½”
Choir 3 ½”
Great 3 ½ “
Swell 5”
Action 9”

Tubular pueumatic action

Tuned to French pitch C=517 vibs at 60 degrees F.

The instrument is made up partly from new material and from the old Foster & Andrews organ and partly
from other instruments which had been rebuilt by Harrison’s

Harrison & Harrison pipes new to this organ
Salicional (choir) 1932
Echo Gamba (swell) 1932
Double Trumpet (swell) 1932
Large Open Diapason (great) 1932
Violone (pedal) 5 bottom new the rest ex stock 1955
Trombone (pedal) 1995

From the organ of the Albert Hall ,London, 1932
Claribel Flute
Harmonic Flute

From St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh 1932

Major overhaul and cleaning completed in 1994 by Harrison & Harrison, Durham
The organ remains in the care of Harrison’s